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Greenstep plant is one of the leaders in the production of polyester fiber in Ukraine. Nowadays  polyester  artificial fiber appears to be the  most common  and therefore the most sought-after type of synthetic fibers. Polyester  fiber  is produced by recycling the  PET-bottles, what takes a real care of the environment, makes the process socially significant and environmentally profitable.

Hollow conjugated fiber


  • Types of fiber: hollow, conjugated
  • Color: blue-and-white,green and brown.
  • Linear density (thickness): 7dtex, 15Dtex(1.5 and 3 on request)
  • Cutting length: 32 and 64 mm.
  • Siliconization: Siliconized and Non-Siliconized

Regular fiber (Solid)


  • Color: blue-and-white,green and brown.
  • Linear density (thickness): 7dtex, 15dtex (1.5 and 3 on request)
  • Cutting length: 32 and 64 mm.

Where to use?

stuffing for soft toys
pillow filler
car sheathing, insulation


Polyester fiber is a material that is made from polyester. It is produced by processing coal tar and oil. When processed, a hollow fiber of a spiral shape is obtained. Flexibility is provided by a spring structure. Recovers after compression. It used to have many disadvantages. The improvement of the technological process has increased the quality characteristics. This allows replacing natural materials.

Fiber products have the following advantages: resistance to mold, heat and moisture (pillows can be placed in gazebos outside); do not absorb external odors; hollow fiber is elastic and resilient; they are not difficult to wash; dry quickly; stretch, do not tear; the silicone included in the composition provides the flexibility of the insulation; good thermal insulation qualities; inexpensive cost; do not attract pests (rodents and insects); elasticity; let air through; do not cause allergic reactions, soft and smooth pillows are obtained.

Hollow highly crimped siliconized fiber: Production of filling for blankets, pillows, toys. Regular polyester fiber: Production of padding polyester, fillers for blankets, pillows, toys, furniture parts. Bicomponent fiber: Thermal bonding fiber for the production of bicomponent synthetic winterizer and other nonwoven materials. Regenerated (recycled) fiber: Production of padding polyester and other non-woven materials.

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