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The unique combination of characteristics and low cost made holofiber a very popular insulation. Holofiber (filfiber), aka granular synthetic winterizer, is a filler made of nonwoven material, which today has become in demand in various areas of our life. Most often, such a heater is used in the clothing industry when sewing demi-season warm clothing for children and adults. They are also filled with bedding – blankets, pillows and mattresses. The filler consists of small, spring-like, hollow polyester fibers, has a porous homogeneous texture and resembles synthetic fluff in its characteristics and appearance.


Hollow fiber hollow fiber is made of polyester by thermal bonding. The structure of this fabric is a non-woven fabric made up of small hollow, spring-like polyester fibers. Externally, holofiber is similar to synthetic fluff, but has a more porous structure. It consists of small clumps, most often arranged chaotically or vertically. Crimped silicone-based fibers are located both vertically and at an angle. All spring-like polyester fibers are soldered to each other, under the influence of high temperature, resulting in a homogeneous, porous, resilient material, of different thicknesses and densities (60 – 4000 g / m²). There is air between the turns of the fibers, due to which the insulation retains heat without the “greenhouse” effect. The main properties of holofiber are comparable to those of natural fluff. But its cost is much lower. On the website of the manufacturer Greenstep a wide selection of fillers and insulation of the highest quality. You can buy products online by adding the product of interest to the basket or by filling out an application using the phone number indicated on the company’s portal.

The main characteristics of the filfiber from the manufacturer Greenstep:

  • Shade: green, brown, white;
  • Raw materials: primary and secondary;
  • Packing – 10 kg bag.


This filler has a number of advantages:

  • Heat capacity. The air trapped between the fibers ensures low thermal conductivity, so it perfectly retains heat without creating a greenhouse effect.
  • Air permeability. The material has excellent air permeability, permeability for various types of filler is on average 5-6 dm³ / m²s.
  • Elasticity. High rate of recoverability and dimensional stability over a long period.
  • Strength. Due to the soldering of the threads, it is almost impossible to break it.
  • Wear resistance. Withstands frequent washing in the washing machine at all temperatures.
  • Durability. Insulation can serve for 7-10 years without changing its shape and size.
  • Unpretentiousness. Products can be easily washed, they dry quickly without losing their appearance and quality characteristics.
  • Biological protection. The material is resistant to the development of pathogenic parasites and microorganisms – dust mites, mold, fungus.
  • Fire safety. The material melts when exposed to fire, rather than burning.
  • Availability. Holofiber is made from inexpensive raw materials, the production process is also not very expensive, thus contributing to the low cost of the product.
  • Environmental friendliness. The absence of chemical harmful substances in the composition, therefore, holofiber is a harmless and completely environmentally friendly material that does not cause allergic reactions and irritations on the skin.


You can order high quality holofiber at the most affordable prices on the Greenstep website. You can buy holofiber wholesale from the manufacturer in unlimited quantities today, all products are in stock. It is also possible to realize retail with delivery to all cities of Ukraine. We provide a guarantee for products, we offer affordable prices and a large selection. Before buying, you can get an individual consultation and a discount for a bulk order.

Manager’s contacts: +38 067-386-28-12


Holofiber retains heat well, is anti-allergenic, does not absorb moisture, does not absorb foreign odors, insects and mites do not start in it, can be washed frequently, durable, non-toxic.

Preferably hand wash in warm water. Do not use aggressive detergents and bleaches. During drying, periodically shake the product so that the filler does not get caught in lumps. More expensive blankets and pillows are best dry cleaned to avoid ruining them. Also pay attention to the label, it usually indicates the rules for the care of a particular product.

Holofiber is used in construction, in the production of upholstered furniture and toys, in sewing bedding, in cleaning and filtration systems, as well as in the production and sewing of outerwear and professional clothing.

The cost of Filfiber secondary bag is 5 kg and 10 kg, the cost is 305 UAH. and 560 UAH. respectively retail, wholesale 50 UAH. kilogram. Filfiber Primary cost $ 3 kg. (order from 50 kg.). Synthetic down bag 10 kg. 950 UAH, wholesale 87 UAH / kg.
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